For any accessibility questions, contact us at 316-303-9292 or info [at] and we will be sure to help in any way!

Virtual Access

We have a virtual-only badge that allows access from home to most films. A film is listed in Eventive if in person only. We do this based on the filmmaker’s request but are committed to keeping films open and accessible.

Captioning / Transcription / AUDIO DESCRIPTIONS

Film are labeled in the online guide if open or closed captioning or an audio description version is available. For the 2022 festival we are requiring all films to provide this. If a film or Q&A is not accessible, please contact us for post-transcription. All virtual Q&As in Eventive have captioning built-in. Let us know if you would like ASL services in person to a specific film. We also have captions at the majority of year-round cinema screenings. It is notated in the box office if so.


Have trouble standing in lines? We have accessible seating for you just by the theater door to allow you first enter into the theater. See an usher for assistance. Need assistance stand during movie? Just reach out to any of the ushers or screen managers.

Accessible Buildings

All venues the festival uses are accessible for wheelchair users via ramp or elevator.

Low Sensory Area

All venues have a quiet space if needed. Please let an usher or volunteer know if assistance is needed.

Assistant Badge

We will offer a free badge to your health assistant as needed upon attending the festival with a purchased badge.

Anything missing?

We will do our best to accommodate any requests. Reach us at info [at]


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