Tallgrass Film Center Overview

Red, gray and black chairs on green carpet facing a screen, people mingling in the back, green lights light up the ceiling.
Assorted merchandise on a wire rack, blue shirt, black shirt, posters, socks, glasses, and mugs

Part headquarters, part theater space, the goal of the Emily Bonavia Tallgrass Film Center is to bring our mission to life—providing a space for filmmakers to connect, learn, and showcase films year round at 120 E. 1st. St. N (Unit 113).

Lux and Film Center

Film Center FAQ

Where to park, facility information, and more!

Become a Member

Support the Tallgrass Film Association year round with a membership that includes tickets to every film in the film center.

Become a member
Blue newspaper box filled with movies, labeled Take a Movie Leave a Movie next to a silver door

Free Blockbuster

Take a movie leave a movie at the free movie library outside the Emily Bonavia Tallgrass Film Center.

Get Involved

Discover ways to get involved with Tallgrass Film Association year round. We always need volunteers in the Film Center!

Person with a green mohawk and Tallgrass shirt sits in front of a laptop with their back to the camera
An audience sits in recliners watching a screen and someone giving a presentation.

Venue Rental

Interested in renting the theater to watch a movie with friends?

What's Happening at the Tallgrass Film Center?