Emerging Filmmaker Program

A student in a blue shirt lines up a shot with a digital camera on a tripod
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What's the EFP?

The Tallgrass Film Association Class of 2023 Emerging Filmmaker Program (EFP) is a program for local students from 8th grade through seniors in high school. Age range runs from 13-18. Applications for the current year are now closed. Please check back in early 2024 for next year’s application.

Our 2023 EFPs will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with professionals in the film industry, covering a wide range of topics including: film criticism, directing, producing, screenwriting, audio production, lighting, camera technique, video editing and more.

Our EFPs will be provided hands-on learning opportunities, including:

  • Screening and reviewing more than 125 movies submitted by their peers to the 21st Annual Tallgrass Film Festival (Oct 5-8). These reviews will help shape the Joel Fein Emerging Filmmakers Shorts Program at the festival
  • Producing promotional videos for the Tallgrass Film Festival
  • Producing a short film to be submitted to the festival

Successful students will receive an all-access TALLPass in exchange for their participation in the program, as well as an additional all-access pass for a parent or guardian.

Sponsored by Jeff and Janice Van Sickle.

Important Dates

  • Applications for the EFP class of 2023 are now closed and students have been notified.
  • Classes begin on June 3rd.


  • Classes will start on June 3rd and are held Saturdays from 2-4 pm through Saturday, August 12.
  • Students selected for the 2023 session will have a good deal of influence over the topics covered each week.
  • Classes will be held at the Tallgrass Film Center (120 East 1st North, Suite 113) unless otherwise noted in the schedule given to students on the first day of class.
  • Production dates will be provided to class members during the first day of class.

NOTE: The program was previously called the Emerging Programmer Apprenticeship program (EPA). We are rebranding this year, but we think this video helps explain a portion of what the program demonstrates.

2023 Emerging Filmmakers

1 Eva Hicks cropped

Eva Hicks

2 Lydia Jensen cropped

Lydia Jensen

3 Cahill Jones cropped

Cahill Jones

4 Hayden Munro cropped

Hayden Munro

5 Claire Stewart cropped

Claire Stewart

6 Jordan Stoehr cropped

Jordan Stoehr

7 Weston Uptmor cropped

Weston Uptmor


Wyatt Carmichael