Exterior Shot of The Lux, Downtown Wichita

Tallgrass Film Center

Part headquarters, part theater space, the goal of the new Tallgrass Film Center is to bring our mission to life – providing a space for filmmakers to connect, learn, and showcase their art year round.


What's Happening At The Tallgrass Film Center?

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We are mid-launch in early 2022 and still looking for items to get us up and running. Gift us something from our Amazon Wishlist or donate directly to Tallgrass to help us get on our feet as fast as possible. This new location will act as our office space, screening space, and education center, and we have lots of needs to help us reach our full potential!

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Current Needs:

  • Accent Printing & Signs Roadside Message Board Marquee 2 Sided Sign
  • Jumbl A-Frame Signboard 22” x 28” Display Surface – Large Outdoor Sandwich Board w/Weather Resistant PVC Sign Protector & Sand Fill Holes – Dual Signage Stand for Storefront Sidewalk Curb (Black)
  • BirdRock Home Acacia Wood TV Tray C Side Table – Set of 2 – Industrial Design – Fully Assembled – Natural Bed Sofa Snack End Table – Living Room Chair C Shaped Table – Narrow Wooden Top
  • 5-Tier Candy Rack Waterfall Merchandiser in Black – 21 H x 15 W x 9 D Inches

Facility Accessibility

The Tallgrass Film Center’s auditorium, lobby, restrooms, and concession stand are all accessible. For additional requests or questions, email us at info [at} tallgrassfilm.com

Assistive Technologies

COMING SOON:  We currently are providing closed captioning and audio descriptions of specific films. However, we will be playing all films with captions when available in 2022. 


We provide a full-service concession stand stocked with popcorn, candy, beer, Pepsi soft drinks, waters, and other snacks. 

Venue Specs

Tallgrass Film Cinema is equipped with:

  • 25 seats 
  • 2K digital projection 
  • 3.1  Digital Sound

What parking is available?

The LUX, located in Downtown Wichita at First St. and Market (First St. is a one-way street heading East. Market is a one-way street heading North.) has a variety of parking available. There is street parking available. In some places, it is free within 2 hours or 1-hour limits (between 8a-5p Mon-Fri). There is metered parking on the street near the building as well (between 8a-5p Mon-Fri). It is free after 5 pm for any length of time until 8 am. 

What are the COVID safety protocols?

Masks are required unless actively eating or drinking. For all other protocols, visit https://tallgrassfilm.org/film-festival-2/healthsafety/

Is the air safe in the Lux mid-pandemic?

The LUX has received a LEED Silver rating and is proud to be one of eleven buildings in Wichita that have received top LEED recognition. This includes a high-efficiency HVAC system that monitors the air 24/7. Read more at  https://theluxliving.com/leed

Can I rent the theater?

Private Rentals are available upon request – for rates and information contact Melanie Addington at info {at} tallgrassfilm.org

Why is the building called The LUX?

The lux (symbol: lx) is the SI unit of illuminance and luminous emittance, measuring luminous flux per unit area. Because the building was originally built to house Kansas Gas and Electric, The LUX was named accordingly as a homage to the original owners. The building is one of few structures in Wichita built on two power grids and great creativity was used in lighting throughout the building since KG&E was not concerned with their own electric bill.

How do I know what is playing?

Easy! Check out the Coming Soon page above to learn which films are currently showing and which will be arriving soon. Each film page contains a brief description of the film and a direct link to buy.

How early should I arrive for a typical showing?

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to a film’s start time so you have time to get your ticket, purchase concessions, find a seat, get comfy, and turn off your phone.

How will I know if the movie showtime is sold out?

Check the film’s detail page. If given showtime is sold out and tickets can no longer be purchased, the showtime will be grayed out, and you will be unable to add tickets to your cart.