Become a Prescreener

Be the first to see what’s submitted to Tallgrass and help us select festival programming.

Become a Prescreener

Our volunteer pre-screening committees assist with the viewing of films submitted to Tallgrass. The programming staff carefully selects applicants based on their knowledge and interest in film and their strength in writing and film analysis. The Tallgrass Film Festival considers hundreds of film submissions internationally each year, each viewed multiple times by different screeners. The primary task of a committee member is to thoughtfully view and identify films of interest to the Tallgrass Film Festival programming staff.


Whether you have a background in film or are just a dedicated cinephile, we’re always looking for a diverse group of people who love movies and don’t mind spending some free time watching and reviewing unique and thought-provoking festival submissions from voices around the world.

Programmer Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Must have reliable internet access
  • Should expect to watch a minimum of 15 hours of content over a 6 month period (January-August)
  • Understand films can range from a couple of minutes to 2 hours and beyond
  • An open mind is essential
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Commitment to screening a handful of films weekly

Benefits of becoming a programmer include:

    • VIP festival access

100+ hours 2 Tallpasses
60 hours – Tallpass
45-60 hours – FilmPass + 1 VIP Ticket + Access to Lounge
30-45 hours – 10 Tickets
15-30 hours – 5 Tickets

  • The opportunity to earn additional passes & tickets for friends and family
  • Tallgrass merchandise (branded hoodies, mugs & more)
  • The opportunity to view festival selections before anyone else
  • The opportunity to network and chat with filmmakers, writers, actors and more.




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