Assorted merchandise on a wire rack, blue shirt, black shirt, posters, socks, glasses, and mugs

Support Tallgrass this Giving Tuesday

Plan ahead (or start your giving now!) for Giving Tuesday on November 30th, 2022.

Here are three easy ways to support Tallgrass this Giving Season:

1) We’re moving into a new space soon (really soon!) and we have a list of housewarming needs. As we work to build the new Tallgrass Film Center into a fully functioning education and theater space we have a list of items that would make impactful gifts as we head into the new year. Check out our Amazon Wishlist here.

2) Support us through our Facebook fundraiser, where we’re aiming to raise $3,000 from our Facebook supporters between now and November 30th. Plus – on GivingTuesday Nov 30, Meta will match $8 million in qualifying donations!

3) A quick and easy way to donate directly is by providing a cash donation via PayPal. No gift is too small! Your donations help fund our operations, programming, and of course, the Tallgrass Film Festival! From filmmaker travel to theatre rental – your dollars make a huge impact on our organization’s livelihood.