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Loss of Thane Chastain

Thane Chastain, role model, leader, long-standing volunteer, an employee of Tallgrass Film Association, and a full-time employee of Kansas Leadership Center passed away earlier this week. The family is working on arrangements, but we wanted to take a moment to honor him and share our heartbreaking news with you.
In all of his roles, Thane is a leader who brings organization, a calm demeanor, an understanding of technology, a communal spirit, and a celebration of life. As stated on the KLC website, “Put another way, Thane is all about helping people do what they never thought possible.”
At Tallgrass, Thane was Education Coordinator, arranging the annual Emerging Programmer Apprentice program, now renamed Emerging Filmmaker Program. Before that role, he was the tech guru for the festival and helped set up the Tallgrass Film Center.
We will be celebrating his legacy at Tallgrass, and once we have plans, we will announce them. Please share your fondest memories of Thane with us.
His KLC family also paid tribute here.
Signed, Thane’s Tallgrass Family.