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Congratulations to the 2021 Take 36 Award Winners

Please note: You can view the top 10 films online starting Monday, August 16th for only $5. Tickets on sale here.

Congratulations to the Take 36 Grand Prize winner, “misisipi”, Directed by Todd Ramsey and produced by Chloe Stephenson, who took home the $1,000 cash prize as well as a spot screening at the 19th Annual Tallgrass Film Festival this October.

Our 2nd Place award of $500 is Dark Water, Dark Skies, directed by Monica Biltz and produced by Maria Victoria Savage.

Our third place prize of $500 was awarded to Sham Fam, directed and produced by Natalie Rolfe.

The Best Emerging Filmmaker award with $500 cash prizes was awarded to Cul-de-sac directed and produced by Katelynn Tiffany, and our Female Filmmaker award, and a $500 prize: Daily Death directed and produced by Kacy Meinecke.

The Audience Winner received a $100 cash prize and a screening at the 19th AnnualTallgrass Film Festival this fall. The winner was misisipi, Directed by Todd Ramsey and produced by Chloe Stephenson.

Our 2021 Top 10 Showcase Films:

Piñ-ahh-ta! Directed by Nate Jones, produced by Gina Bryant-Nugen

Dark Waters Dark Skies, Directed by Monica Biltz, produced by Maria Victoria Savage

Small, Directed by Richard Kerr, produced by Luke Weber

Misisipi, Directed by Todd Ramsey, produced by Chloe Stevenson

Daily Death, Directed by Kacy Meinecke, produced by Kacy Meinecke

Cul-De-Sac, Directed by Katelynn Tiffany, produced by Katelynn Tiffany

Sham Fam, Directed by Natalie Rolfe, produced by Natalie Rolfe

Mississippi Silhouette, Directed by Shane Konicki, produced by Shane Konicki, Meredith Konicki, and James Luce

One Last Job, Directed by Judah Hansen, produced by Kenton Hansen

Poltergeist Place, Directed by Naythan Smith and Victoria Gayer, produced by Victoria Gayer

Our programming awards were awarded to: 
Best Actor: Alexander Ogburn of Sham Fam
Best Actress: Marta Naomi Santana Morales, Poltergeist Place
Best Ensemble Cast: Mississippi Silhouette
Best Cinematography: Dark Water, Dark Skies shot by Aaron Rogers
Best Editing: Watching edited by Cole Campbell
Best Score / Soundtrack: Spades directed by Micah Dennis
Best Screenplay: Misisipi written by Briley Meek & Todd Ramsey, et al
Best Use of Required Creative Elements: One Last Job directed by Judah Hansen
Best Visual Effects: Probing Questions directed by Rylee Dulaney
Best Costume Design: Piñ-ahh-ta! directed by Nate Jones

Take 36 challenged more than 150 local filmmakers to create, shoot, edit and submit an original six minute short film within a 36 hour timeline. Each film this year was required to include a prop (candy), a line of dialogue (“How do you spell Mississippi?”), a silhouette shot, and the element RUN. Take 36 is presented by Emprise Bank.