Assorted merchandise on a wire rack, blue shirt, black shirt, posters, socks, glasses, and mugs

2024 Film Center Art Unlocks Power of Local Artist Talent; Encourages to Support Local

For 2024 we worked with 11 artists to showcase our Emily Bonavia Tallgrass Film Center art. Each month is represented below with unique refreshing art styles. We are partnering with various cinephiles and small businesses in town to present films for every audience. We hope you will join us to see the art displayed all year inside the Lux (120 E. 1st. St. N) or watch a film (Unit 113). Learn more about ticketing at @tallgrassfilm.org.

Among the groups Tallgrass is partnering with this year are Madame Mae, Reel Cultured ICT, Gate Record Store, Spektrum Muzik, CINE-GENIC inside Vortex Souvenir, Harmons in Hollywood, The Record Ship, and many more. We feel a microcinema in the heart of downtown Wichita is as much about building a sense of community as it is watching good movies.

The artists were given specific items that had to be included such as our logo, QR code, the film specifics, and general text to include but were otherwise free to design as they saw fit.

General Info in each poster:

120 E. 1st. St N Unit 113 – In the Lux

Tickets $10/Matinee $7/Sr& Students $6/VHS $5 – Free for Members

Stubbornly Independent


(Month & Year is good somewhere – 2024) 

4K Projector


Surround Sound


Cheap Concessions

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