Tallgrass Film Center  Frequently Asked Questions

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Facility Accessibility

The Tallgrass Film Center’s auditorium, lobby, restrooms, and concession stand are all accessible. For additional requests or questions, email us at info [at} tallgrassfilm.com

Assistive Technologies

COMING SOON:  We currently are providing closed captioning and audio descriptions of specific films. However, we will be playing all films with captions when available in 2023. 


We provide a full-service concession stand stocked with popcorn, candy, beer, Pepsi soft drinks, waters, and other snacks. 

Venue Specs

Tallgrass Film Cinema is equipped with:

  • 30 seats 
  • 2K digital projection 
  • 5.1  Digital Sound

What parking is available?

The LUX, located in Downtown Wichita at First St. and Market (First St. is a one-way street heading East. Market is a one-way street heading North.) has a variety of parking available. There is street parking available. In some places, it is free within 2 hours or 1-hour limits (between 8a-5p Mon-Fri). There is metered parking on the street near the building as well (between 8a-5p Mon-Fri). It is free after 5 pm for any length of time until 8 am. 

What are the COVID safety protocols?

Masks are required unless actively eating or drinking. For all other protocols, visit https://tallgrassfilm.org/film-festival-2/healthsafety/

Is the air safe in the Lux mid-pandemic?

The LUX has received a LEED Silver rating and is proud to be one of eleven buildings in Wichita that have received top LEED recognition. This includes a high-efficiency HVAC system that monitors the air 24/7. Read more at  https://theluxliving.com/leed 

How early should I arrive for a typical showing?

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to a film’s start time so you have time to get your ticket, purchase concessions, find a seat, get comfy, and turn off your phone. We don’t have 30 minutes of trailers like at a larger theater. 

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