Take 36: Still at Home

Stay tuned for information on how to register for the race, including pricing and rules.

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Contest Rules


  1. ALL content MUST be original and created within the 36 Hour Time Period


  1. ALL films must be six minutes (06:00) or under from the start of the film to the end of the credits. (Excludes Title Card)


  1. ALL finished films must be submitted by the 36 hour deadline – with all signed talent/actor, music, & location releases and signed waivers from ANYONE PARTICIPATING


  1. ALL teams must agree to follow health and safety guidelines, in regards to Covid-19 and best practices for productions


  1. Films must not contain anything pornographic, excessively vulgar, or are violent for the sake of violence


  1. ONE person from your team MUST be available Friday night 8/21 for the virtual TAKE 36 kickoff meeting via ZOOM


*If you or someone from your team breaks one or more rules mentioned above, your team is subject to disqualification.


Pricing and Registration dates:

Registration opens July 27th. 

We understand things have been tough monetarily, on so many, so we have slashed registration prices this year! 


Student teams – $75

Other teams – $100


Who can participate:

ANYONE! Young, old, amateur, professional, literally anyone! We want to hear stories from all different walks of life. Start building your team! 


How many people can be on my team?

We ask that you limit your team to 10 people or less, provided it is capable to practice appropriate social distancing during the production. Passes and other prizes awarded will be made available for up to 10 teammates. 


How long do we have to make our film?

36 hours. Your film MUST be submitted by the 36 hour cutoff (not a second later) or you will be disqualified. You may submit it digitally or drop off at our socially distanced dropoff point. 


What kind of film should we make?

You can make any kind of film you want! Comedy, drama, horror, musical, animation, stop motion, thriller,  love story, sci-fi space epic. Whatever speaks to you! Whatever story you want to tell!


How long can our film be?

6 minutes max. Not including any title cards necessary. It can be shorter if you like, as long as you can tell a great story! 


What can we create ahead of time?

Nothing. Don’t do that. The whole point of the competition is to create your entire film in 36 hours. That means you have to conceive, write, cast, film, edit, score, and complete your film in the 36 hour time limit. There will be forms and instructions for music releases, location releases and talent releases so it is all legit. You can, however, put your team together, scout locations, and test equipment, just don’t work on your final film. 


What is the deal with the elements?

We will provide every team with some criteria/ elements that must be featured in order to succeed. These elements will be very clearly stated and understood on friday night to avoid any confusion. Beyond that, it is recommended to be as creative as possible when incorporating your elements. This year we will be implementing a points system for elements. You will receive a rating and the total points awarded will affect your final standing. More on that in the official rules. These elements are provided, not only for fun, but also to ensure you play by the rules and compete honestly by creating everything in the 36 hour period. If you fail to include your elements, you will lose points and therefore will be less likely to win top prizes.


What CAN’T be in the film?

Anything pornographic, excessively vulgar, or overly violent for the sake of violence. We understand you are artists, and we don’t want to squash that! However, we have all ages competing in this competition and attending the showcase, so be aware of what you are shooting and who you would feel comfortable showing it to!


Who decides if we make the “best of” showcase?

Starting at 7 am on Sunday, we task our team of programmers to watch all of the entries. They will rigorously judge and critique the films and whittle them down to the best ones. They will also be viewed by our special guest filmmaker judges and scored and critiqued accordingly, in preparation for the virtual film screening showcase. This kind of festival programming feedback is an excellent way to gain honest knowledge of what worked and what didn’t.


Where will the film be seen?

If your film is picked as one of the best, it will screen in a live online event  on our Virtual Film Festival page! A panel of film makers will give a short live critique as the films are screened. Awards will be given out at the end of the evening honoring the BEST OF THE BEST! 


What is the showcase?

The showcase is our chance to show off your hard work and talents to our super supportive community! If your film is picked, it will screen online as part of our virtual festival programming! You will be able to stream the live event right from your home! So no one has to miss out! Prizes and awards will follow the screenings! 


How do I know if our film got picked?

Watch the showcase and find out! I know it will be super nerve-racking waiting to see if you screen but that’s the fun of it! Plus you get a chance to see what your peers came up with and support everyone else’s artistic endeavors and hard work! 


Who do I contact if I have any more questions?

Feel free to email Ryan Johnson at ryan@tallgrassfilm.org or take36@tallgrassfilm.org


Recommended Health and Safety Guidelines and Best Practices

WHILE IN PRODUCTION:                                                                                                                                                                     

Close sets to all visitors and other non-essential personnel.

Provide resources and a work environment that promotes personal hygiene. For example, provide tissues, hand soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizers containing at least 60 percent alcohol, disinfectants, and disposable hand towels for cast and crew to clean their work surfaces.

Disinfectants should come from this list: https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-  disinfectants- use-against-sars-cov-2

Provide hand sanitizer or a place to wash hands with both hot and cold water with hand soap, disposable towels, and a no- touch trash can.

Individuals should, to the extent feasible, maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from others.

Consider placing readily visible signage on set, signage available in packet

When possible, pre-production, production, and post-production meetings, location and technical scouts, and conferences should occur virtually.

Remove all unnecessary items from the set, limit personnel congregating, and do not store equipment in common areas.  Consider quarantining costumes, props, and set decoration until needed.

Sanitize props and set dressing prior to filming use, during breaks, and upon completion and storage.

Consider placing readily visible signage at each entrance and eye-level at stations notifying employees, crew, cast and contractors that people with symptoms of COVID-19 or who have recently been exposed to someone with symptoms must leave immediately. Reminders to wash or sanitize hands and other safety practices should also be posted in common areas.

When possible, crew members should not share equipment, and individuals should supply necessary tools from their personal kits.  Any shared tools or equipment should be disinfected before and after use.

Cast and crew should wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the set or offices.

Face masks or fabric face coverings should always be worn by crew and cast (when not on camera) when on-set even when individuals are practicing social distancing.

On camera talent, who are not able to wear a mask while performing, should wear a mask or face covering before and after they complete their performance. 

If at any time a cast or crew member touches their face, nose, eyes, cell phone, door or any surface they have not sanitized, they should immediately rewash their hands with soap and water.

Use disposable supplies to keep from having to handle and disinfect multi-use supplies.

Use disposable towels when possible and dispose of them after use.


MAINTAINING A HEALTHY SET:                                                                                                                                                                   

Wipe down all and disinfect surfaces often and between use including computers, landline phones, etc.

To minimize personnel on set, consider moving some departments off set to remote locations where they can still fulfill their functions.

Fully sanitization workstations. This includes a complete wipe down with disinfectant cleaners or wipes of all surfaces touched and equipment used.

Clean and disinfect shared equipment and tools before and after each use.

Discard single-use equipment and tools after use.

Wipe clean and disinfect electrical equipment that cannot be immersed in liquid before each use.

Store all clean and disinfected tools, equipment, and materials, such as costumes, in a clean, dry, debris-free environment when not in use.

Store clean and disinfected tools and materials separate from soiled tools and materials.

Empty all trash containers daily, and keep the containers clean by washing or using plastic liners.

Catering meals and craft service items should be individually packaged. Utensils should be single use.

Individuals should eat separately and practice social distancing and when breaking for meals. Consider staggering meal breaks for crew and cast.



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