Mediocre Movie Marathon

Do something meh and take on the Mediocre Movie Marathon to raise funds for Tallgrass Film Festival!

Participants will compete to see who can last the longest in the face of some average movies. Remember, this is a test of endurance, not a race. All are encouraged to join in, whether you’re a casual weekend Netflix binger or a true cinephile. Your job? Sit in a seat until you raise enough funds to get out of it.

In addition to watching mediocre movies, participants will work with Tallgrass staff to raise much-needed funds to support the festival and the Emerging Programmer Apprentice program for teens to learn about filmmaking that we provide for free each year.

Registration, Fees, and Fundraising Goals:

Each marathoner will be asked to raise a minimum amount of funds to cover their expenses and to help Tallgrass Film Association continue its mission. A non-refundable $50 donation is required at the time of registration and will be credited toward your fundraising goal.

Registration is open to all but only 25 can participate in the mediocre movie marathon. But don’t worry – you can still participate by tuning in from home to watch, suffer, or support the marathoners.

Marathon Fundraising Goal per Participant: $1,000

3 Ways to Participate:
Register and Marathon
Support a marathoner with donations that provide snacks, pillows and more
Tune in to watch the marathoners – donate or watch for free

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