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Meet our 2019 Scholfield Emerging Programmer Apprentices.

The Tallgrass Film Association Class of 2019 Scholfield Emerging Programmer Apprenticeship (SEPA), is headed by Education and Outreach Manager Thane Chastain, and presented by Scholfield Honda. 


This program is an immersive educational program that covers several facets of film including: filmmaking, film criticism and film theory.

Madelene McVey - Brooks Magnet Middle School

 I am interested in the EPA program because I started doing film making a few years ago and I wanted to learn more about how to make/ produce videos. I have been working on filming and making videos at school.

Peter Daood - The Independent School

The EPA program provides an incredibly unique opportunity for people like myself: student filmmakers looking for a professional outlet to expand their craft. I have been a part of the EPA program for the past four years and each year I have learned and found new avenues for my own craft and passion. This summer, I begin my search for a college path and Tallgrass has allowed me to explore further than I ever would have without. 

Ryan Edwards - Wichita Collegiate School

I've done the EPA program for the past two years and loved it. It's something I'm really good at and proud to be a part of. I've made some of my closest friends of all time through the EPA program and it's furthered my film career in really helpful ways I would have never thought. 

Amy Baber - Northeast Magnet High School
I am highly interested to prolong filmmaking in college and eventually, a career. EPA is a great opportunity to meet other people interested in the same field and to learn more about what it takes to become a filmmaker. I also want to join this year's EPA in hopes it will be more interactive with filmmaking and that I could meet more guest speakers.
Zayden Tomson - Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School
I want to learn so much more about the film industry, and what it takes behind the scenes to create a movie. I love films for their unique messages. Each film can bring a new creative idea to the table, from its script, actors, costumes, sets and musical score. I am passionate about cinematography and music in movies.
Ian Foster - East High School
I am interested in the EPA program because I enjoy watching movies, good or bad, and critically analyzing them. I am also interested in learning the methods in which some films are produced. Lastly, I think it is a fantastic opportunity to support the Tallgrass Film Festival and the art community in Wichita.
Madeleine Coleman- East High School
I love watching films from other countries and analyzing different styles. I especially enjoy comedy, as I want to be a comedy writer one day.
Adler Moss - Bishop Carol Catholic High School

I have been in the EPA program for the past two years and it has been absolutely phenomenal. It is by far the best film related program for students in Wichita. 

Cahill Jones - Robinson Middle School
I love movies, TV shows and creating my own videos with props, music and friends! I want to learn more and maybe one day go to film school. I think this experience will help me learn more about film making, the industry and will give me the skills to make my videos even better and more creative! I enjoy being around others that enjoy films and TV as much as I do!
Juliene Fuson - Augusta High School

I hope and plan to pursue film as my career. I feel the EPA Program would be very informative and interesting and that I would have a great time taking part in it. I have always been a fan of film and all that goes into it.

Benjamin Gering - Newton High School

The combination film's dynamic nature and its relative anonymity among great art means the industry is poised for a massive rise in the coming years. I desire to experience film's ascension to the spotlight, and I confer that attending the Emerging Programmer Apprenticeship with provide me with the skills and acumen necessary to accelerate film's climb to glory.

Lauren Zoller - East High School

I’m interested in watching the student films and participating in the behind-the-scenes of the film festival. I also love any chance I can get to learn more about filmmaking and the industry.

Silas Stamps - Trinity Academy

I would like to learn more bout how to make certain edits that convey certain emotions or do a specific thing. Also I would like to have a group of local people who love to edit and film videos. I think that it's just great to be involved in a community of people who share the same interests.

Kent Myrtle - East High School
I have been interested in film for a while now and have been looking to be more involved. I have been mostly interested in personally making films, but I feel this EPA program is a valuable opportunity.

About the Scholfield Emerging Programmer Apprenticeship Program

Our 2019 EPAs will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with professionals in the film industry, covering a wide range of topics including: film criticism, directing, producing, screenwriting, audio production, lighting, camera technique, video editing and more.

Industry guests scheduled for the 2019 Emerging Programmer Apprenticeship program include:

Fletcher Powell (Film Critic, KMUW Public Radio), Rod Pocowatchit (Film Critic, Wichita Eagle), James ChoiEmily KincaidKendall GoldbergRyland AldrichSavannah RodgersEllen Crispin and more to be announced!

Along with these interactive classes, our EPAs will be provided hands-on learning opportunities, including:

Screening and reviewing more than 125 movies submitted by their peers to the 17th Annual Tallgrass Film Festival (Oct. 16-20). These reviews will help shape the Joel Fein Emerging Filmmakers Shorts Program at the festival, as the program will be curated with the assistance of our EPAs.

  • Field Trips to local production facilities in Wichita.
  • Volunteer opportunities at Tallgrass events, including Take36 and the Tallgrass Film Festival.
  • First-hand learning experience at with state-of-the-art production equipment (green screens, motion capture, top of the line cameras) at Wichita State University’s Shocker Studios.

Students will receive an all-access TALLPass in exchange for their participation in the program, as well as an additional all-access pass for a parent or guardian. 

Program Dates

Classes are scheduled to meet the following Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (2.5 hours) beginning with Orientation on Saturday, May 11th through the festival.

May 11th - Orientation

Classes Sessions:

  • June 8, 15, 22
  • July 6, 13, 20, 27
  • August 3, 10, 17
  • September 7, 14, 21, 28
  • October 5, 12 (Festival 16-20)
  • November 2 (Wrap-Up Party)

Questions, email thane[at]tallgrassfilm.org or text 316.371.4474


The Requirements

To qualify for the Emerging Filmmaker Apprenticeship, you must be a Wichita-area (within driving distance) middle or high school student, aged 13-18.

Being an EPA requires a substantial commitment (over 75 hours, which ecompasses all aspects of the program,) and students will be responsible for completing a certain percentage of hours. There is no cost to participate. 



This organization received funding for general operational support from the City of Wichita