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With support from Star, TFA has created five movie-lending libraries inspired by the Little Free Library project. The Mini Movie Libraries, which will hit the streets in 2017. The library boxes were decorated by youth who participate in the Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters Positive Pathways Program at Harvester Arts

A full list of locations is coming soon. Thank you to Occidental Management for their generous support of the Mini Movie Library project.

Donate Your Discs

Community members, film distributors, alumni and local filmmakers can share their favorite stories with the community. With an emphasis on independent film (including movies from local filmmakers,) people will donate DVDs to the libraries, which will be maintained by Tallgrass throughout the year.

To donate your gently used DVD's and Bluray's, email or call (316) 303-9292 to arrange for drop off or pick up.

Why Donate?

There are now more than 28,000 Little Free Libraries across the world, and these welcoming and communal spaces have transformed neighborhoods and communities. In lower-socio economic areas, they have promoted literacy and in upper-income areas, they have enhanced the sense of community. Tallgrass endeavors to achieve the same with the universal language of film – showcasing the incredible stories that are being told, which expand our understanding of the world around us; and exciting and educating a new generation of film artists and fans about the possibilities of cinema and digital storytelling, as an art form or a career.

Tallgrass believes that film, as much as any other art form, has the ability to entertain, educate, and inspire. By offering a wide variety of titles - documentaries, classic cinema, short films, and projects created by local talent - Tallgrass will be getting essential titles into the hands of both young people and adults who may not otherwise have access to them, and encourage people to experience these stories together.