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6th annual Down to the Wire: 24 Hour Film Race

In partnership with CreativeRush, TFA presents the 6th annual Down to the Wire: 24 Hour Film Race from June 16-18, 2017. The film race is open to professionals, hobbyists, film enthusiasts and novices who are up for the ultimate creative challenge.

How it Works

The race begins on Saturday morning at 6:30 am and ends on Sunday morning at 7:00am. A 5 person jury screens each finished film and selects the top ten films, which are then showcased at the Orpheum Theatre at 7:00 pm on Sunday evening. A panel of VIP judges live critiques each film and choose the winners, while the Audience votes for their favorite as well.

Teams have 24 hours to write, produce, shoot and edit a short film that is six minutes or less. All films are required to include elements that are randomly selected at the beginning of the race and all content must be original and created within the 24 hour time period.

Who Races

Anyone! Participants can enter on their own as a team of one or with up to fifteen people.

Student Racers

Elementary, middle, high school and college students are encouraged to participate and past years have included racers from all across the Wichita-metro region from schools including Robinson Middle School, Maize High School, Andover Central High School, Wichita East High School, WSU and KSU, to name just a few. (Student teams receive a registration discount.)

2016 DTTW Winners

The overall winners of the 2016 Down to the Wire race, whose film was featured as part of the New York Film Critics series in over 60 theaters across the country was Team #7, a student team, consisting of children ages 6-15. Watch Invitation To Burn, directed by Levi Feil, below.

To see more films and learn more about the film click here.